Saturday, April 25, 2015

GIDS 2015, Hyderabad

This is my first time at GIDS. Amazing to know that this is the 7th such event and I didn't know about it till now.
Well as they say better late than never.

Coming to the highlights of the sessions here.

Why functional programming.. well great session by Venkat..

Things that Intel is doing with its RealSense platform. It is a great way to finding out how we will interact with the PC in the future.

One of the key sessions for me was the IOT by Janaki.
Also how the cloud is transforming hoe people use technology and how the landscape is changing for developers too.

The scale that these new technologies are designed to handle.

MEAN.JS session provides details the changing landscape of developing web applications.

Overall a great experience. Looking forward to it next year in a much bigger format at Hyderabad. Also with focus on Analytics and Big Data.